Summer's Best Two Weeks 2019

A Christian sports camp to introduce kids to a variety of sports, develop their skills, and teach them to honor God and one another in the way they compete in sports and all of life. SB2W 2019 will be for campers rising into grades K-8, July 15-19, near Strawbridge Marketplace in Virginia Beach (intersection of General Booth and Nimmo Pkwy). Junior Camp is for rising K-1st grade and runs 9 AM to 12 PM and the cost is $60/camper. Day Camp is for rising 2nd-8th grade and runs 9 AM to 4 PM and the cost is $125/camper. There is a family max of $300/family. Click the button to below to register (more details on the registration page), read on for more of the vision, or contact Jimmy with questions!

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The Point

Competition brings out the worst in many of us, kids and adults alike. We can quickly become self-centered, angry, and unreasonable. Many of us may have been told or have told our kids or others to "just be a little less competitive."  But competitiveness is woven into the fabric of our very nature. What if there was a better way? What if our competitiveness was re-directed to honor God in all of our efforts and to care more about others than ourselves?  SB2W uses sports to train kids at how to win and lose, succeed and fail, in a way that honors God and respects others, following the motto: "God first, others second, I'm third."

The Story

Summer's Best Two Weeks is a camp program that began in 1966. It still operates primarily as a resident camp in Western PA, serving over 3,000 campers every summer. But it has also spawned a number of day camps operated by individual churches in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Jimmy Brock (now the Church Planting Pastor of the Princess Anne Mission) grew up going to both the Day Camp at The Falls Church in Falls Church, VA and the Resident Camp in PA. He then worked as a counselor at the day camps, where he first met his wife Suzanne, who was a fellow counselor. In 2015, they started a new SB2W camp in Atlanta, GA and in 2018 brought this camp program to Virginia Beach. 

Though it's typically a full-day, two-week camp program, in 2018, we ran a half-day one-week camp, with the help of youth and college leaders from Crosswater Presbyterian Church. In 2019, we are expanding that to a full-day camp with more activities, and in 2020, we hope to bring the full two week program!

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the activities

This year's camp will feature football, basketball, soccer, hockey, ultimate Frisbee, kickball, wrestling, tumbling, crafts, trampoline, and swimming. Each day, campers will learn the basics and develop skills in some of these sports, have an interactive Bible lesson on some aspect of Christian competition, and compete as a team in one of the sports. Campers are assigned to squads divided by age and gender to learn their sports and develop their skills, and they are assigned to one of two teams, Romans (red) and Galatians (blue) for team competition. These team assignments are made for life in all SB2W camps and all family members are assigned to the same team so that campers develop a strong sense of team loyalty and identity while learning to respect and honor their opponents.