Why a church?

We believe that a church is a group of people, a new community, where you can find real freedom, true community, and a greater purpose. Real freedom in a relationship with a God who knows all your failures and weaknesses, but forgives you, loves you, and gives you strength to live rightly. True community with people from different backgrounds who listen to you, challenge you, and care for you. Greater purpose in devoting your life to God and becoming part of the great story of God and his work in the world.

Aren't there already lots of Churches?

Of course there are many great churches in Virginia Beach and we look forward to partnering with them! But just as growing cities need new schools, new parks, and new restaurants, they need new churches too! Only 30-40 percent of people in Virginia Beach are affiliated with any kind of religious congregation. In many cases, new churches have an excitement and openness that makes them more appealing to those who are new to the area or have not been part of a church before. 


Our new church community is being formed through neighborhood Bible studies in homes and community events in homes, driveways, and parks. These Bible studies and events are for anyone, whatever their level of Bible knowledge of spirituality. As we explore the Bible together and begin to connect to God and each other, we see a community forming. Once this community takes shape, we will begin to worship together on Sundays in a rented space. And then we will continue to grow and develop as an expanding community, welcoming and inviting people in to connect with God and each other. 

How can i be a part?

You can learn more about our story and beliefs, you can come to one of our events, you can contact Pastor Jimmy, or you can receive our weekly emails to stay up to date with what's going on.